Storage Facility

We have an air-conditioned climate controlled storage facility for our customer’s needs. Our warehouse is 32,000 square feet with 34 foot high ceilings. We have multiple different options for either household goods or commercial merchandise to be stored long term or short term. Our experience in the moving and storage industry exceeds our customers’ needs for unusual items such as statues, art work, and can accommodate any size or weight. We have an ability to deliver your goods at moments need.


Please make sure you book your delivery at least 24 hours prior so that we may guarantee delivery. Military and service families – please ask for a discount or specials which change each month. Remember we are here to help you in your storage needs and want to make you a lifelong customer for you and your children.


We have a state of the art security system which holds 38 cameras covering the entire platform of the warehouse space. This can be accessed by a cloud which is done on an exterior database. This ensures security and any access of the facility. Our company has been in business for over 14 years in an array of professionally packed item. At our facility, we also have a custom crating service which we build wooden crates for high value items to ensure safety and protection of your goods.


Our normal storage vaults measure 7 foot 2 high, 5 foot 5 wide and 5 foot 5 in length. On average, these hold 225 cubic feet. We inventory the items that are going into the storage vaults. If you want to pull a specific item, it is very easy and convenient because we use our forklift to pull out your specific vault number. Our customers range from designers to restoration companies. So if you need to pull a piece for insurance or staging purposes, it is very easy to do with MacArthur Storage.