Moving Services

We are licensed and insured to provide long distance and local moves within California. We prefer to do on-site estimates where one of our representatives will visit your location and take pictures of an accurate inventory of your belongings. You can also provide this inventory over the phone to one of our representatives or email us pictures of what you need to move – but we highly advise that you book an on-site estimate so that we are accurate for your moving needs.


Local Moving


Any destination from your location that is less than 100 miles. This is calculated at an hourly rate. We calculate the job per 15 minutes so that you only pay for the services that you use. California law states that any drive time between your location and the destination within 100 miles is doubled. This is a California labor law and is required to be charged by any mover within the state and cannot be waived. Other requirements that you may need on a local move are packing services. Packing services would be the hourly rate of the packers plus any material that they may need to pack your belongings, such as boxes, bubble wrap or protective paper, etc. Most of our vehicles are able to hold 6 men. We always advise using additional men to get the job done quicker. You will be happier in the long run by using more men to get the job done. Most professionals appreciate a quick move day and it will cost you almost the same amount of money for the additional men – ask your representative to do the calculations.


Long Distance Moving Service


Long distance moving service various to over 100 miles within California or over state lines. We shall address California long distance service. Long distance service is calculated by how many miles you need to travel and than we calculate how much cubic feet you have to estimate the weight of your shipment. This will give you the price for your delivery. “Things you need to give us to be accurate.” – We want to know if there are any stairs at each location, any distance further than 75feet from the vehicle (long carry), because this will take the men a longer period of time to perform the job which incur additional charges for these needs. So that you don’t have any surprises, please keep this in mind. Other additional charges that may incur are called Bulk Article Charges. This is when you have large bulky items such as pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, and so on that may need additional equipment or men to properly service. Normally, packing does not come included with a long distance basic service, so if you do need packing to be done, take into consideration that there may be extra charges for packing and materials if needed. We do not charge you to wrap any of your furniture in furniture blankets that we provide, for local or long distance moves as long as you give them back to us at delivery. If you would like your furniture to be left with the furniture blanket on your goods, there will be an additional charge.


Offices or Corporate


Using MacArthur Movers, we have 53-foot tractor trailers in our fleet. This allows us to move freight pallets for large commercial moves. These vehicles hold 80,000 lbs of weight and are most formally called 18-wheelers. If you are moving your office and have particular types of furniture such as cubicles or high-end furnitures such as tangram office furniture or any other office furniture supplier, we have the knowledge and we install these specific furniture manufacturers on a weekly basis. We also hold building insurance of $2 million dollars and can move in and out of any major commercial building in the country.


Packing and Crating Services


Packing and Crating services ideally should be done prior to moving day. This allows the time and the care to pack your items in a controlled manner. If you are going to pack your belongings yourself, than we advise you to make sure the boxes are completely full and that you use double walled boxes sometimes called dish pack boxes for any breakables. All of our staff are trained through video training and practical training in our warehouse on how to pack breakables correctly. We also have a custom workshop where we can build 2 measurements of wooden crates. Normally any insurance company will require any item over $5000 to be placed in a wooden crate.