Custom Crating

 Any item over the value of $5000 dollars an insurance company will need you to create that specific item. These could be antiques, fine art, glass or high-end electronics. If you want a serious degree of protection then custom crating with wood is the way to go.

  In our warehouse, we have a work area that builds custom crates daily. We can design a truly unique wooden crate. We will conveniently keep your valuables safe when shipping and where in the world.

Each crate is will be made to your specifications. Please call to book your custom wooden crate order. Inside of the wooden crate, we can use different types of foams for the specs of what you are protecting.

If you need your high-value items shipped or stored we can do it. Our storage warehouse is a safe climate controlled building with a camera system on the cloud. Our loading docs allow any shipping companies to pick up or drop off.   We can pick up from your home so everything is safe.

  • Our custom crate are museum quality. All wooden crates opening/closing with ease.

  • We make special crates for fine art, statues, electronics, pool tables, glass displays, motorcycles and any other items!

  • All staff are trained

  • Material purchased is high quantity

  • Over 13 years experience in building crates

  • Extremely competitive price for your protective crate